Brisbane Fitness And Health Expo 2013

The 2013 Brisbane Fitness and Health Expo.

What a line up, sorry queue (to get in that is!). 20 metres long for ticket purchases and iPads a flurry for show registration and for competition entry.

My arrival coincided with a line down one side of the hall with people waiting for the Commando to finish onstage and make his way over to his official signing accompanied by two of the Biggest Loser contestants.

There was a great vibe throughout the whole expo with exhibitors excited to show off their new products to gym goers, fitness conscious consumers and trade attendees from Queensland.

A variety of entertainment included tense CrossFit heats, arm wrestling bouts, strongman demos and comps (this was sick), bikini and body building competitions plus fitness model searches. Commando Steve (unaccompanied by his angels at this point) taking on Derek Boyer in the ultimate 85kg medicine ball challenge in front of a crowd of thousands was a blast.

Stand out exhibitors included BodyX, CrossCore and Titan with some interesting product demonstrations of their new and inventive products, all fresh to market.

The show was well targeted to the consumer in order to increase awareness of what is involved in living a healthier and fitter life; along with some great new ranges of products for gyms and personal trainers. A bigger show than last year, booth space was up by 30% (103 to 149) and over 1500 registrations from industry professionals alone.

Official post show report coming soon.

Hope you like the gallery – Derek Bennett – WNiF Magazine.

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