BILT® by Agassi & Reyes – The Hip Flexor


BILT® by Agassi & Reyes is a revolutionary arsenal of fitness equipment featuring innovative technologies such as the world’s only COD Machine that allows you to move laterally with weight.

IntelliLift™, a proprietary, spring-enhanced weight-stack system, provides yet another level of unrivalled efficiency and intensity.

Now you no longer have to choose between working harder and working safer.

Feature Product: The Hip Flexor

The Hip Flexor is an excellent complement to the pressing, squatting and lunging movements that are commonly performed for the hips, gluteus and legs.

Watch how the Hip Flexor works >>

BILT® by Agassi & Reyes is distributed here in Australia by HF Industries – for more information on commercial gym equipment from HF Industries click here.

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