Be Brave And Achieve More In Life

Margie Warrell is brave.

The eldest daughter (of seven) of a former-nun and a dairy farmer growing up in rural Australia, Margie battled bulimia as a young woman, lost one of her brothers to who took his life after a long battle with mental illness, lost five unborn babies, and has had to help her other brother overcome the difficulties of paraplegia following a horrific motor-vehicle accident. Based on scientific research but written in an accessible way, in BRAVE, Margie uses these experiences from her private life to powerfully illustrate what she means to live bravely.

BRAVE is written on the premise that courage begets courage. It’s a habit. Doing something brave every day, no matter how small, unlocks new possibilities.

We often think of courage, as something needed for life’s difficult times, yet Margie believes it’s essential to living our everyday lives to the fullest. Drawing on her background in business, psychology and coaching, best selling she guides you through the fears that keep you from making the changes and taking the chances to live a more rewarding life.

  • Overcome your fears, uncover your passion and trust your intuition
  • Speak confidently, with greater authenticity and influence
  • Fail forward, risk rejection, and bounce back faster
  • Be more resilient in tough circumstances and with difficult people
  • Quiet your inner critic, take more chances and dare more boldly.

At the end of every chapter is a ‘Train the Brave’ challenge that invites readers to put that chapter’s lesson into action in their lives. The rationale being that the more often we practice being brave … taking action despite our fears and discomfort … the quicker and stronger we grow our ‘Muscles for Life.’ She also offers a powerful ten day Train The Brave Challenge which readers can sign up at

BRAVE is for people who may be feeling stuck in their job, or relationship, or another aspect of their lives. Some may be feeling like they need some extra encouragement as they advance in their careers and business. Some may be dealing with a personal crisis or major adversity. Others may be looking simply for something to stimulate their thinking, and live more deliberately and purposefully.

Tied together with personal stories and anecdotes to make them relatable, BRAVE is a handbook for living and loving and leading more courageously in today’s fearful and uncertain times.

If you’d like to learn more or sign up for Margie’s 10 day Train The Brave Challenge, click here.

Brave: 50 everyday acts of courage to thrive in work, love and life, by Margie Warrell is published by Wiley, May 2015, RRP $24.95.

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