How Much Does a Boot Camp Leader Earn?

Early mornings and intense training sessions are enough to make anyone scream out loud – but imagine being paid to do it?

How much does a boot camp leader earn, anyway?

Boot Camp Leader Salary – $41,141

Also known as a Group Fitness Instructor, Boot Camp Leaders are the ones who push you to run a little bit further, encourage you to lift a little bit higher and tell you to “get up off the grass and stop crying”. They are the fitness leaders who pride themselves on results, and providing a service that encourages you to reach your fitness goals.

With a responsibility to plan and execute group outdoor exercise programs, Boot Camp Leaders need to know how to deliver results for every individual, and use motivational psychology to get all followers ready to move (yelling isn’t a motivating factor for everybody).

How do I become a Boot Camp Leader?

With a Certificate IV in Fitness.

If you’re looking to deliver one-on-one training, or prefer delivering smaller group training, perhaps consider a personal training career.

Personal Trainer Salary – $44,636

Tell a Personal Trainer your (realistic) health or fitness goal, and they will plan the path for your success. Designing and delivering exercise programs for both individuals and small groups, a Personal Trainer needs to be able to connect with their clients in a manner that motivates and educates. As a Personal Trainer is the main source of inspiration for a client, they should also maintain an active and healthy lifestyle – aka, practicing what they preach.

As a Personal Trainer, you aren’t just limited to the gym. Alongside health and fitness clubs, you will be able to work in health spas, resorts, cruise ships and within a number of sports-specific training roles.

How do I become a Personal Trainer?

With a Complete Personal Trainer qualification.

If you’re looking to go further or deviate from a hands-on fitness position, a Fitness Centre Owner or Manager could be your ticket to a long-term fitness career.

Fitness Centre Manager Salary – $57,252

A Fitness Centre Manager ensures the smooth running of a professional fitness facility. Responsible for recruiting, training and supervising staff, managing budgets and maintaining a high level of service, Fitness Centre Managers need to be able to balance their love of fitness with their business and management knowledge so they can progress and profit.

A Fitness Centre Manager is also a training ground for you to see if you can run your own fitness facility. As you will have more responsibility, you will need to set business targets and KPIs, with the ultimate goal of getting more clients through the door – and retaining them.

How do I become a Fitness Centre Manager?

With a Diploma of Business, or a Diploma of Leadership and Management.

Inspired to become a Boot Camp Leader, Personal Trainer or Fitness Centre Manager? Take a look at the courses offered by the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers, combining online theory and hands-on practical training to take the fitness industry by storm.

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