Are You Up For The AH Beard 6-Week Sleep Challenge?

You, your clients, and everyone you know can probably do with a better night’s sleep, yes?

In this day and age of busyness, extended working hours, and constant connectivity, a good night’s sleep is something many take for granted; in fact, for some, it is an elusive dream.

With over 115 years’ experience in the bedding business, A.H. Beard is on a mission to improve people’s lives by making a better night’s sleep their reality with their 6-Week Sleep Challenge.

Sleep is finally being acknowledged as the third pillar of wellbeing – with Diet and Exercise being the other two pillars. Good Sleep assists in weight loss, better mental health and better physical health.

A.H. Beard is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of quality mattresses and bedding. As a fourth generation family-owned Australian business A.H. Beard has built an enviable reputation as the innovators in sleep products. To help more Australian’s have a perfect night sleep, every night, A.H. Beard has created the 6-Week Sleep Challenge – to help Australians learn more about sleep and how to achieve it. They have partnered with like-minded organisations such as the Sleep Health Foundation and leading sleep scientist Dr Carmel Harrington to develop a scientifically sound program for building good sleep habits.

The 6-Week Sleep Challenge is a FREE health and well-being improvement program that delivers customised sleep advice based on the type of sleeper you are, similar in structure to the Michelle Bridges 12-Week Body Transformation. There are four types of sleepers that participants can choose from. Each week they log progress and sleep information in the online sleep diary, receives support from the community in the forums, ands read expert advice on the blog.

Dr Carmel Harrington is one of the world’s leading authorities on sleep. She has worked as research scientist and sleep consultant for company health and wellbeing programs, schools and brands around Australia and internationally. One of Dr Harrington’s key topics is the link between a good night’s sleep and metabolic health as well as the crucial role sleep plays in promoting good mental health.

Dr Harrington is the Managing Director of Sleep for Health and an Honorary Research Fellow at the Children’s Hospital Westmead. She is a founding member of the Sleep Health Foundation and a member of the Australasian Sleep Association. Dr Harrington is a proud to have collaborated with A.H. Beard and their 6-Week Sleep Challenge. Together, they hope to encourage thousands of Australians to participate in the program, resulting better memory, improved energy levels, lower stress levels, weight management and greater creativity for all round better health. A.H. Beard is Australian owned and made, providing Australian’s with quality, locally made products.

Sign-up for the A.H Beard 6-Week Sleep Challenge for FREE, click here.

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