This Is Animal Flow

One of the predicted hottest new group fitness classes for 2015 is Animal Flow.

Be empowered with the knowledge that your own body and gravity can not only improve your athletic skills, it can improve your fitness and help build a better physique.

Combining ground-based movement with elements from various bodyweight-training disciplines to create a fun, challenging workout emphasising multi-planar, fluid movement.

The entire practice includes 6 components: Wrist mobilisations; Form Specific Stretches; Activations; Traveling Forms; Switches & Transitions; and the Flows. You can incorporate it into your own training style in many ways – as a warm up; with interval training; as a full hour-long workout on its own; as a group class…. it is a versatile practice that can add to what you are already doing, and can meet the intensity level you want.

This video demonstrates how some of the different forms and what we call “switches” are combined into a flow. Most of the moves shown here can be learned in Level 1. Some of the more advanced hand balances and holds would be in Level 2. The video uses almost no slow motion.

Animal Flow uses tempo changes as an important component for learning strength and control, so where you see Mike in the video suddenly moving slowly, or holding a pose, that is usually in real time. There are two spots where we did use slow motion simply so you could see the form better, but the majority of “slow” moves are really performed that way.

Coming to Australia! Watch this space for an announcement on the first ever Australian Animal Flow masterclasses and instructor workshops – don’t miss this opportunity as attendance and place availability will be limited.

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