Ditch The Meat, Run An Ultra Marathon

Tarian Pantry has launched a new eBook, I Eat Plants Lifestyle Diet, aiming to dispel the misinformation that a pure plant diet is inadequate for good health or to support the demands of an active, sporty lifestyle.

But how do you get your protein?

It’s a question with which Amanda Meggison, plant-powered endurance runner and founder of online vegan foodstore and hub, Tarian Pantry, is all too familiar.

Amanda dropped all animal products from her diet at 33. Soon after, she entered her first fun run. In six years she built up her long-distance endurance from 10km to 100km.

“As I got fitter and fitter, I kept hearing from friends and others that I ought to start eating meat so that I’d have the energy I needed to fuel my workouts. They said that on a totally plant-based diet I’d be lacking in protein. They told me I’d end up sick. I set out to prove them wrong. And I did,” said Amanda.

Ditching meat and animal products from her diet propelled Amanda toward skyrocketing good health. Year after year her wellbeing and fitness improved by leaps and bounds. Her vegan diet, along with her knowledge of sports nutrition for performance and recovery, allow her to exercise to a level well beyond many people her age and recover quickly after strenuous competitive events. Modesty aside, she’s used to shocking people when she reveals her age and is frequently told she looks a decade (or two) younger. Her youthful appearance is one of the happy side-effects of a plant-based, organic, biodynamic diet plus an active lifestyle.

Now in the shape of her life at 41 and having worked her way up from fun runs to competitive ultra marathons, Amanda is living proof that a pure plant-based diet is both an ideal everyday lifestyle option and the smart choice for athletes, fitness enthusiasts and sportspeople.

Tarian Pantry’s new eBook is the first in a series that will take readers from the basics through to advanced veganism and plant-powered endurance sports. In 7 simple steps this eBook covers:

  1. Why eat plants? The politics, philosophy and benefits.
  2. Changing the way you eat. Preparation and mindset.
  3. Where do you start? Practical advice for taking your first steps.
  4. What do you eat? Nutrition basics including carbs, fat and protein.
  5. Tarian alternatives. How to replace meat and animal-based foods, one morsel at a time.
  6. Where to shop? Real-world recommendations.
  7. How to shop? Your plan of attack.

Tarian Pantry’s first eBook builds the foundation for an active and healthy lifestyle based entirely on plant nutrition. Book One is a superb introduction to meat-free eating for the plant-curious, the almost-ready and the newly converted. I Eat Plants Lifestyle Diet is available for purchase from the Tarian Pantry website.

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