Are You Providing The Best Training Experience?

For today’s gym owners there is so much to consider in your blueprint for success.

One of those areas (and some would argue it’s the most important), the ‘expereince’ is the top priority.

The experience for many, can be the journey from entrance to exit and everything in between and they would be right because that’s why they choose to continue to pay their monthly gym membership – or it’s asta la vista, they’ll find somewhere new, right?!

Okay, so this article is focussing on one aspect of your experience – the training. This could explode into a myriad of options, but today Aktiv Virtual is in the spotlight with Functional Training On Demand, a new training concept designed with the exercise expereince in mind and combining expert level coaching, personalisation and motivation.

Aktiv Virtual is a dynamic training space with a variety of functional training and exercise tools, that are incorporated into a Functional Training on Demand platform, delivered one-on-one in your designated workout space.

Features of Aktiv Virtual include: –

  • You have wireless Bluetooth headphone pairing.
  • You can connect with leading wearables including Apple WATCH®, Polar®, Garmin®, Fitbit® and there’s more.
  • You can view and hear personal biometrics during your training session.
  • You get real-time insights and guided coaching tailored for safe and effective training intensity at all stages.
  • You can select workouts by time, type, and level of difficulty.
  • You can save you favourite workouts and keep track of your achievements.

Check out this great demo video below, everything will makes sense and we think you it could be a winner.

On trend with the introduction of add-on, extra revenue generating spaces/services (think simulated altitude training (SAT) rooms, reformer Pilates classes, 24-hour access areas, sports physio rehab, obstacle training boot camps), you have a clearer path to a new mode of training for your gym that delivers inspirational exercising experiences and most importantly, if marketed properly, a way to pay for it and profit.

Aktiv Virtual and Functional Training On Demand will be available soon here in Australia – we’ll keep you posted.

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