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6 Simple Steps To Business Success

2013 is underway and time is not slowing for anyone. Running a business requires many skills – sales and marketing, accounting, team development, product and service implementation, system development, plus loads more – tired yet? With all these hats to wear, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and, as a result, revert back to wearing only those hats you enjoy. This can be dangerous as it may prevent you from achieving the goals you really want to obtain this year. So, here are six simple steps to follow to ensure you reach and even surpass your 2013 business goals.

“Once you have created your vision, a clear and concise plan and strategy on how you will achieve this plan is required.”

Step 1.
Create Your Vision

Where is your business going? What will it look like by the end of the year? On paper, clearly articulate what it looks like, the type of clients you will have, the team members that are on board and how healthy your bank account is. The clearer the vision, the clearer it will be to achieve the next five steps.

Step 2.
Sharpen Your Leadership Skills

Every business requires leadership. My definition of leadership is vision plus communication (and I define communication by the response you receive; try that definition on for a week and see what happens). Figure out what kind of leader you are. Ask yourself who is your leadership role model and learn from them. Identify what leadership skills you need to develop further and take action to do so.

Step 3.
Plan and Strategise

Once you have created your vision, a clear and concise plan and strategy on how you will achieve this plan is required. Break down the vision into 12-month, nine-month, six-month and three-month goals. Then take your three-month goals and create a plan. This three-month plan has 12 weeks to it and each week certain activity is required to be achieved in order to get you closer to your 90-day goals. For example, if you would like 10 extra clients within 90 days, and you know that it takes 100 calls to get 10 appointments; and you convert 1 new client from those appointments; then each week you need to be making approximately 85 calls to achieve your goal.

Step 4.
Develop and Refine Your Team

Having the right team member on the bus and in the correct seat on the bus is critical to your business success. Recruit, develop and continuously train your team and it will pay dividends to your business. You cannot do everything yourself; there aren’t enough hours in the day. So build your dream team, invest the time and money to get it absolutely right, and impressive results will follow.

Step 5.
Be Accountable

As a business owner, who holds you accountable? Your team, your clients, your accountant? Or do you have your own business coach? Being accountable will eliminate the excuses and produce better results. This is similar to how your members employ your services (e.g., a personal trainer) to help them avoid making excuses and assist them in obtaining their health and fitness goals.

Step 6.
Appoint a Board of Advisors

Who is on your support team? Do you have a mentor or a role model, or someone who you can share your vision with, and receive brutally honest feedback from? You don’t have to go it alone. People always want to help, however you just have to find the ones that you respect,share similar values with, and that you can learn and grow from. Creating a board of advisors assists in fast tracking your success as you can learn from their mistakes and success.

So, there you have it. Make 2013 a year of success and achievement. Take the time out to go through these 6 easy steps and watch your business flourish. Go for greatness!

Article written by James Short for What’s New In Fitness Magazine – Autumn 2013 edition.

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