5 Ways Wearables Keep Members Coming Back

Wearables are a modern technology effectively helping clubs to retain members.

Through wearable technology you can help your members feel accomplished, increase the value of their personal training, create accountability and community, make physical activity fun, and give members the results they will keep coming back for.

MYZONE’s heart rate monitoring system can bring your members these benefits so you can grow your club.

It’s the beginning of the year and you’re still shocked at how many club members you lost the previous year. You’ve tried everything from updating your cardio equipment to offering tanning and day care services but nothing has motivated new members to actually complete their New Year’s resolution of getting in shape.

Fitness wearables bridge the gap. A key reason people give up on their physical activity efforts is that they don’t see the results they want as quickly as they want to. By providing accurate, real-time physical activity data, wearables assure users they are doing enough in order to obtain their desired results.

1. Make Users Feel Accomplished with Physical Activity Data

When new members join a club, they expect to enjoy workouts a few times a week and see close to immediate results in the mirror. Without proper guidance, their expectations are severely unrealistic. Many fitness wearables compare a user’s physical activity effort data with a recommended daily effort goal, which keeps users on track to reach their goals. Physical activity summaries let users know that even though they may not have had the best workout on a particular day, they are still closer to their goals than if they had skipped a workout. The physical activity data provided by wearables, motivates users to make each workout better than the last.

2. Increase Personal Training Value

Club members who are serious about reaching their fitness goals invest a good chunk of money in personal training. They participate in hour-long training sessions several times a month and are assigned additional physical activity and diet goals for when they are training on their own. Unfortunately, trainers and trainees don’t have a lot of time to talk about what takes place outside personal training sessions because they want to get right to the service for which they’re paying or being paid.

Investing in wearables that feature a system for logging food and exercise data allows trainers and trainees to work better together. Trainers can see if trainees are following their instruction outside of training sessions, which enables them to advise and instruct their clients intelligently. Because trainees receive more value for their personal training investment, they will work with a trainer for a longer period of time and recommend personal training to friends and family, both of which increase club revenues.

3. Create Accountability through a Sense of Community

During group classes, participants using wearables can see how their effort compares to that of other participants. This insight allows participants and instructors to encourage each other throughout group workouts, making participants more likely to attend classes regularly. It is much easier for a new club member to continue their hard work when they have a group rooting them along.

4. Make Physical Activity Fun

Another perk fitness wearables offer is an online community where users can connect with their family, friends and colleagues and share their physical activity data with them. Users can show off badges they’ve received and even take part in challenges, which makes physical activity competitive, yet fun.

5. Results Keep Users Wanting More

After some time tracking accurate effort and intensity data and meeting activity goals, users will begin to see the results they’ve been working toward. These initial results will motivate members to continue coming back to the club, participating in group workouts, working with personal trainers and continue efforts to achieve ultimate results.

MYZONE is an innovative monitoring system that tracks heart rate, calories burned and effort accurately in real time. MYZONE’s technology has proven to change overall motivation toward exercise, helping people put in the effort required to get the results they want. Group classes become encouraging communities, as MYZONE transmits user data to live displays, allowing users to compare their effort to other participants. Through gamification and an online community, physical activity is made competitive and fun, as users can unlock badges, set and reach personal milestones and even challenge their friends, family and colleagues to see who can earn the most MEPs (MYZONE Effort Points). Additionally, MYZONE users can share their achievements with their networks on various social media channels. For more information on MYZONE, enquire below.

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