Altitude Training Has Just Become SMART


XTREME International introduces integrated altitude training technology with the ALTITUDE FACTOR™ Display system.

Whatever class or program a client does at sea level, the equivalent class at altitude can burn up to 25% more calories. This is an altitude advantage.

The Altitude Factor™ Display provides clients training in altitude environments real time feedback, comparing their Altitude Calories™ and sea level calories expenditure.

The Altitude Factor™ Display integrated within the Oxygen Athletic Wall (6m x 2.5m).
The Altitude Factor™ Display integrated within the Oxygen Athletic Wall (6m x 2.5m).

Evolution of cardio and functional altitude training has created a need for integrating the altitude environment with training programs and the client. The Altitude Factor™ Display, by Xtreme International, is the first SMART solution to cater for this need, providing clients with the information required to maximise their altitude advantage.
Robert Darley OXYGEN ATHLETIC General Manager commented “The Oxygen Athletic™ franchise have selected the Altitude Factor™ Display system to provide business owners with a quantitative measure for their clients. The Oxygen Athletic Display wall is a 6m x 2.5m interactive display that incorporates Altitude Factor™ data providing clients real time feedback on workloads, training zones and Altitude Calorie™ burn. The display personalises the altitude advantage for our clients and differentiates the Oxygen Athletic franchise model”.

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About XTREME International
Manufacturer and supplier of commercial simulated altitude training systems for over 10 years. For more information about Xtreme International simulated altitude training systems (including Altitude Zone Technology) and the Altitude Factor™ Display. Contact or email

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