VYPER – The World’s First High Intensity Foam Roller

The VYPER by Hyperice.

Following on from the successful launch of the Hyperice Ice Compression Wrap which was initially only available to professional athletes and colleges teams, Hyperice now introduce the VYPER – the world’s first high intensity foam roller and cutting edge fitness recovery device.

Using a combination of vibration and pressure to loosen up muscles and increase circulation, the VYPER is a multi purpose fitness device like no other.

Starting with the end in mind, advanced engineering has been employed to work out just how much force and frequency was required. Powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries, the VYPER gets all the power needed for up to 2 hours of use.

It’s not until you put your body onto the VYPER that you understand the power of this incredible training device.

Using 3 different speed settings the VYPER is excellent for myofascial release warm up and reducing muscle soreness and stiffness for a better recovery.

Inventor Anthony Katz says “Everybody wants to move better, and we all want to feel better. We all want tools and technology that can help enhance whatever experience we have as an active person.”

The VYPER is small, light and portable and is a great piece of kit for any exerciser to use as part of their fitness regime. Personal trainers will love incorporating the VYPER into their clients programs, regardless of age or fitness level.

The VYPER retails at around $249 – complete the enquiry form below to purchase or for more information.

About Hyperice
Hyperice is a recovery technology company specialising in portable high performance sports medicine and orthopedic devices that provide preventative treatment, accelerate injury recovery and enhance muscle and joint performance.

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