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The New Approach To Workplace Wellness - Brought to you be Technogym

The New Approach To Workplace Wellness

Working by walking is the new approach of WeWork to workplace wellness.

From the collaboration between Technogym and the American network ‘WeWork’ comes a novel new corporate wellness initiative: replace office chairs of an entire meeting room with Technogym state-of-the art treadmills to get members of the Sydney based shared workplace more active and help increase productivity.

In the increasingly competitive scenario of the modern business world, leading enterprises stand out from the competition not only for the quality of their products and the popularity of their brands, but also, and especially, for the worth of their human resources.

For this very reason WeWork has chosen Technogym’s corporate wellness program and innovative wellness solutions to transform the WeWork George Street space into a dynamic working environment designed for optimum creativity and collaboration, where members will be able to attend meetings whilst walking or jogging on Technogym’s state-of-the-art treadmills.

WeWork: Wellness in the workplace

The precondition for creativity and productivity stands on the three main pillars of wellness:

  1. Physical activity
  2. A healthy diet
  3. A positive mental approach.

This is the reason why many international companies have chosen Technogym to launch Corporate Wellness plans: complete programs to promote and protect health on the workplace, including special areas for physical exercise, nutritional plans and health care.

Workplace wellness is a major asset through which the private sector can contribute to the common cause of public health and Technogym is a key player: thanks to its vision of wellness launched over 35 years ago, today Technogym is recognised internationally as the promoter of a new business and social model based on personal well-being.


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