The Altitude Advantage

Simulated altitude training is growing rapidly in Australia as a value add service to members or clients in all types of gyms, studios and fitness and performance centres.

View this free presentation where we explore simulated altitude training or SAT for short and explain why altitude training is not only for elite sports performance but for everyday people, keep fit enthusiasts and also the health and fitness benefits to the general population.


  • Improved aerobic condition and endurance
  • Cardio vascular health
  • Muscular endurance (repeat sprint ability)
  • Improved strength, growth and repair
  • Weight management
  • Improved insulin and glucose sensitivity
  • Pre-Acclimatisation
  • Improved sleep and stress management

From as early as the 1960s and 1970s, sports scientists and athletes have been experimenting and taking advantage of the performance benefits of real and simulated altitude training. Today, with the increased budgets for professional sport, there is greater depth of knowledge in nutrition and exercise physiology. Professional teams such as SKY pro cycling openly discuss the importance of marginal gains and the benefits of altitude training for their athletes.

Can everyday people benefit from this sport and performance dominated training principle?

Can altitude training help combat sedentary lifestyle, obesity and related diseases?

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