Strava Global Bike To Work Day

Strava Metro is proud to host the first Global Bike to Work Day.

Upload a ride on 10 May 2016 that starts in one place and ends in another and you’ll complete the challenge.

Not only will you enjoy a healthy way to travel and make the world just a little better, but by uploading your commute to Strava, you’ll make a difference. Metro anonymises and aggregates the millions of human-powered commutes uploaded to Strava every week, then partners with urban planners to improve city infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians.

Some countries have a “bike to work day” and some don’t – now there’s at least one for every cyclist, and it’s the same day no matter where you live. Enjoy your ride and don’t forget to share your story on other social networks with #CommutesCount.

Find out more about Strava Metro and watch our #CommutesCount animation below.


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