Show Clients Their After Pic, With Visual Fitness Planner

With a 98.8% retention rate, it’s no surprise that for the past 14 years the Visual Fitness Planner (VFP) has successfully motivated prospects and new members in almost 2,000 gyms/facilities in 14 countries, to begin their fitness journey.

The Visual Fitness Planner™ (VFP) is an innovative and engaging tool that enables clubs, studios and personal trainers to show prospects and/or members an actual 3D image of what their body will look like AFTER they’ve achieved their goals.

The VFP also calculates a person’s health risks for diseases, predicts their “health age”, and calculates exactly how long it will take to achieve their goals; all of which, increases personal training sales and member retention.

The program is customisable, so you can incorporate your own individual branding, which is partly why the VFP has demonstrated extensive success in terms of lead management, sales presentations and personal training around the world!

Watch the video below or to find out more, contact Alan Sacharowitz at Visual Fitness Planner using the form below.

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