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Project Sparta - Train For Change

Project Sparta – Train For Change

Project Sparta is a social enterprise high performance altitude training facility, which donates 100 per cent of their membership fees to the Australian charitable foundation Project Futures.

Based on the Gold Coast, Project Sparta caters for all levels of fitness and was born out of a desire to ‘Train For Change’ and cultivate an environment of members who have a passion and shared purpose around giving back to vulnerable communities in our local and global world.

The Cause
Project Sparta are taking a stance to Train For Change, and combat human trafficking, stop sex slavery, end child exploitation and abuse, and promote respect for women. One hundred per cent of their income goes to Project Futures to fund projects like the Child Wise National Child Abuse Prevention Help Line in Australia (1800 991 099) and safe houses in both Cambodia and Australia that rehabilitate, educate and empower women.

At Project Sparta, in lieu of membership fees, members pay a weekly or annual donation to Project Futures. There is a maximum of only 300 referral members and the establishment capital expenditure and all ongoing operational expenditure and promotional costs of are entirely sponsored by Synergy Fitness, which means 100 per cent of your donation is passed on to the end cause.

“It’s an honour to show my support for PROJECT SPARTA! Every human life is extremely valuable, but unfortunately there’s still a huge number of inhumane crimes where that genuine level of respect and compassion for each other barely exists.” Stephanie Gilmore 6 x World Surfing Champion

The Facts

  • 30 million people are enslaved in our world today.
  • 2 million are children forced into the sex trade every year.
  • Human trafficking and slavery generates a staggering $32 billion dollars a year.
  • One in four girls and one in seven boys will experience childhood sexual or physical abuse in Australia.

Sadly, Australians are key drivers of the sex tourism industry in South East Asia and inadvertently contribute to child sexual exploitation.

Altitude Training
Altitude and hypoxic environment training has been used for many years by athletes across many sports to improve performance. The lower oxygen concentration in an altitude environment causes the body to be more efficient at using fuel and oxygen, and triggers a variety of physiological responses and changes in your body at a number of levels that improve metabolic efficiency.

Hypoxic training sessions can give you a great workout with much less stress on your body, or enhance the effectiveness of any workout you do and make your exercise more time efficient. Clients with limited exercise tolerance (e.g. can only walk) get more value from altitude training.

Hypoxic training enhances and accelerates the positive outcomes of exercise on:

  • fat loss, reduced appetite and increased leptin hormone levels
  • diabetes management/prevention and insulin/glucose sensitivity
  • osteoporosis and bone density
  • aerobic endurance and energy levels
  • anaerobic fitness and lactic acid tolerance
  • anaemia, due to increased epo, red blood cells and haemoglobin
  • testosterone and growth hormone
  • hypertrophy (lean body mass) and strength training outcomes
  • cardiac surgery rehabilitation
  • insomnia, serotonin and endorphins.

Other potential benefits include:

  • Improved dexterity, co-ordination and cognitive decision making under stress and when fatigued.
  • Excites neural plasticity and facilitates positive re-wiring of the brain and central nervous system.
  • Enhanced collagen production, with improvements in wound healing, beauty treatment outcomes and skin elasticity.

Training in a hypoxic environment will potentially help you go faster and further, react quicker, think sharper, feel stronger and more focused. As a result, altitude training technology is currently used extensively by:

  • The Australian Institute of Sport and many other world class institutes of sports.
  • Many professional sports teams such as Collingwood, Lions, St Kilda, Crows, Suns, Storm, Titans, South Sydney, Tigers and the Bulldogs.
  • Elite sports people (including golfers and formula one drivers) seeking to improve co-ordination and performance under stress.
  • Leading edge executives to enhance their performance, decision making, negotiating and cognitive abilities in stressful and
    demanding situations.
  • Hospitals and beauty clinics to optimise the outcome for their patients and clients.

Altitude sessions are available seven days a week via Project Sparta’s two simulated altitude training rooms:

  1. Alpine Conditioning: 3,300m to 3,500m
  2. Himalayan Strength: 5,300m to 5,500m.

Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited 12 months access to a cutting edge altitude training facility.
  • Train with the champions and alongside high profile foundation member ambassadors.
  • Exclusive to only 300 members, maximum.
  • 100 per cent tax deductible donation.

Take training to new heights and join the evolution! You can join the 300 and make an annual donation of $2,500 to Project Futures (or undertake a 12-month payment plan of $50 per week) with 100 per cent of your donation going directly to Project Futures.

For more information visit www.projectsparta.com.au.

Article written by Analee Matthews for the What’s New in Fitness Magazine – Summer 2015 Edition.

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