MYZONE Smart Garments And New App

MYZONE takes wearable technology into a new zone: Launch of smart garments and new app

MYZONE is enhancing its current offering to gyms and clubs with a new range of smart garments for consumers and a redesigned smartphone app.

The MYZONE Men’s Compression Top launched last week during the Wearable Technology Show in London and features embedded electrodes that connect to the MZ-3 clip-on module, measuring the user’s heart rate and calories burned. It is manufactured from a high-performance, quick-drying and sweat-proof fabric.

Meanwhile, the Smart Bra features the same built-in electrodes, eliminating the need for women to wear the heart rate monitor strap as well as their sports bra.

Data collected from these garments, or from the original standalone MZ3 Activity Belt, is transferred via bluetooth to a leaderboard displayed inside the club or gym. Data can also be transferred to the user’s smartphone or other compatible devices.

The most exciting part of this technology is that it allows clients to tap into a social eco-system where exercisers at any level can compete against each other and monitor progress on a motivational scoreboard, according to MYZONE Director Asia Pacific Michael Jordan.

“The MYZONE system can be truly motivating for clients because it monitors effort as a percentage of potential, which means no matter their level of fitness everyone is on the same playing field. For gyms, clubs and other fitness facilities this helps to create a sense of community and an inviting exercise environment built on friendly competition and personal bests. It also provides tracking and accountability outside of the gym. The smart garments are a great extension of our product offering, providing options for clients to monitor their performance in the way that’s most comfortable for them.”

MYZONE has also recently undergone a major redesign of its smartphone app with an improved, more intuitive user interface and vastly increased feature set. The MYZONE 3.0 enhancements include automatic connectivity to the MZ-3 heart rate belt when you start training, a clearer analysis of workouts and greater interaction with friends. It also incorporates the ability to stream music while working out, post pictures and chat privately with other users.

What makes MYZONE different:

  • A more accurate calorie reading– all MYZONE wearables, the chest strap, compression top and smart sports bra, are closer to the heart, which gives the users a heart rate accuracy of over 99%. In conjunction with personal body metrics, it ensures calorie-burning calculations are supremely accurate and personal to the user.
  • Rewards both strength and cardio training – There is a growing trend for strength training over cardio. MYZONE effectively calculates the effort put into weight training in a similar manner to that of cardio. MYZONE helps prove the benefits of weight training by demonstrating how effective it is for the user.
  • Equal playing field –MYZONE rewards effort not fitness, motivating the user to work harder. MYZONE recognises everyone is different, so it creates a handicap for every user, based on their maximum heart-rate, which effectively means you can compete with anyone on a level playing field.
  • It’s a multiplayer game – MYZONE is a massively addictive, multiplayer game. The app can be used by facility owners to create in-house competitions or challenges.
  • It’s Facebook for physical activity – through the app your clients can follow friends, analyse workouts, then ‘like’ or comment on their efforts.

The MYZONE system, including the new range of smart garments, will be on show at the Fitness & Health Expo at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, 29 April to 1 May 2016.

For more information contact MyZone.


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