Myzone Now Standard In Snap Fitness Franchises

Wearable fitness technology specialist Myzone has successfully signed an agreement with Snap Fitness franchises in the USA, Australia and New Zealand to install Myzone technology in their clubs.

For Snap Fitness locations worldwide, the move is seen as a positive step towards member retention through engagement using the Myzone wearable technology where live feedback displays exercise effort and reward.

Peter Taunton, Lift Brands CEO, was one of the first fitness chains in the world to install Myzone in his facility back in 2012. He says “I recognised back then that wearable technology had a role in motivating the Snap Fitness community to put effort into exercise. Getting feedback on effort inspires more of the same behaviour, which is the secret to building routine. This is fundamentally why we have mandated Myzone technology in our locations.”

Coming into the last quarter of the year, Snap Fitness will also be launching MYFIT, a new training program that leverages the Myzone technology. Providing year round functional training workouts supported by the Myzone built video display ‘MZ-Instruct’, nine video tiles demonstrate nine movements in a daily workout which is paired with a coloured heart rate zone indicator to encourage members to maximise their effort. No instructors required, MYFIT delivers professional and consistent programming for a full-body functional workout to all Snap Fitness members.

Snap Fitness Personal Training Department Manager, Mike Vaught suggests “The goal of MYFIT is to engage members and help them achieve results, at a cost that works for both members and franchisee – that added cost being zero,”

Within the software, you can design video-based classes that will play on the Myzone screen to guide members through exercises.

It is the ideal digital companion to instructors or managers to ensure members are using correct form and delivery each time.

Dave Wright, CEO of Myzone adds, “We are delighted to be rolling out MZ-Instruct at Snap Fitness locations. Peter and his team have been nothing but supportive to Myzone since 2012 when we were in the early development stages of the product. He saw the trend with video and is yet again leading the way, this time with a model that not only helps eliminate payroll but provides quality instructions the operator can control.”

“Myzone has allowed us to deliver a premium product for no extra cost,” concluded Taunton,

Myzone is currently represented in over 5,000 facilities in 65+ countries and translated into 19 languages.

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