Life Fitness Australia HQ Turns To Solar Power

Life Fitness Australia, the leader in commercial fitness equipment, is proud to announce its recent installation of a 100Kw Solar System at its Melbourne headquarters.

It is part of the company’s continued efforts to shrink its carbon footprint and protect the environment by choosing sustainable, green energy.

By going solar, Life Fitness Australia HQ will save 92 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

This is just one of the many steps Life Fitness Australia is taking in reducing its carbon footprint across all of its operations. In addition to the solar system installation, Life Fitness Australia’s other green practices include:

    • Certified Refurbished Program
      Life Fitness Australia has the largest Certified Refurbished program. Through this program, 50–75 per cent of parts from commercial cardio products are reused to create a durable line of Certified Refurbished products. This program keeps materials out of landfill and cuts down the manufacturing footprint.

Life Fitness Australia HQ - Refurbished Equipment

    • Cardboard Compactor
      As part of Life Fitness’ waste management plan, 5-10 Tonnes of paper and cardboard is collected each month for recycling; decreasing the company’s landfill impact and saving time, money and space.

Life Fitness Australia HQ - Cardboard Compactor

  • Reusable packaging and products
    Life Fitness Australia’s commitment to sustainability extends to recycling plastic, metal and other materials from used circuit boards and recycling office waste.
  • Self-powered/Hybrid equipment
    Life Fitness was the first supplier to introduce a self-powered exercise bike over 40 years ago. Its hybrid range of exercise bikes and cross trainers are powered by the energy the exerciser generates and reduces electrical draw by 75 per cent. Life Fitness treadmills with the most powerful motor in the industry use up to 52 per cent less power than the top competitors. (testing conducted by Intertek)

Life Fitness Australia HQ - Hybrid Fitness EquipmentLife Fitness leads the industry in reducing energy usage by making its products more efficient and finding new ways to let people power their own workout experiences. They are committed to lighten the industry’s carbon footprint and help themselves and their customers run greener businesses.

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Life Fitness Australia is the exclusive distributor of the world’s leading fitness brands: Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Cybex, Indoor Cycling Group and SCIFIT. To view the range or simply ask a question, call 03 9574 7699 or enquire below.[/box]

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