Your UP just got better!

A smarter UP®. A fitter you.

The UP by Jawbone wearable activity tracker has just released an update to it’s app. And they’re good! When you update your app you’ll get all-new tools to help you eat better and manage your weight. (Note: Some features available on iOS only).

New Interface

A new, more intuitive interface helps you quickly log food and water intake, evaluate how healthy your food is, count calorie intake vs. calories burned and track progress toward your target weight. With the latest UP App, fitness tracking has never been easier.

Advanced Food Tracking

The big picture of your diet is only a few taps away. Quickly access frequent meals and common pairings. Food Score lets you see how healthy your food choices are at a glance. It’s one thing to count calories. Food Score tells you if you’re eating right.

More Insight

Make the most of personalized Insight Reports, workout logging, and step tracking to become more active. Discover in-depth, intelligent suggestions and recommendations. Receive guidance around your meals and calorie consumption from the Insight Engine™, so you can achieve your weight goals.

Click here to get the update.


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