Introducing The Women Of Treign

WOMEN OF TREIGN is revolutionising the way women approach working out, with the opening of Australia’s first dedicated women’s strength and conditioning facility.

“Women of Treign is more than a gym,” explains Melanie Corlett, the gym’s Founder and Head Trainer. “It’s a community of support and education for women, designed to fundamentally alter the way our clients approach health and fitness”.

Mel is bringing her international experience to Australia to change the face of Sydney’s health and fitness industry, particularly among women. Mel’s success in the industry, and the resulting opening of Women of Treign is a direct result of her authenticity and realistic approach to training. She addresses the largest hurdle standing between women and hard core training; education (St John Fisher College 2013). Through continually promoting empowerment, inspiration, self-confidence and self-love, Mel is providing Sydney with a world class facility to educate and support women towards a truly holistic healthy lifestyle.

Mel’s main aim is to shift the focus on women’s fitness from aesthetic based goals, to physical and mental wellbeing, and according to the research, she’s on the right track. The Journal of Clinical Psychology identifies strength training programs to improve self-concept in women by a staggering 35% when rating themselves across five categories, relating to their own physical, mental and emotional attributes.

This model has been proven extremely effective by highlighting areas and methods of training that women have typically been excluded from. “I’m promoting a no diets, no deprivation, no excessive cardio or calorie restriction approach,” she says.

The brand new facility is centrally located in Darlinghurst, and split over two levels, providing clients access to cross-fit style workouts, heavy lifting, group training, and access to some of the best women’s trainers Australia has to offer.

About Mel Corlett

Mel is Australia’s authority on women’s strength and conditioning training and is looking forward to educating women towards greater health in all facets of life.

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