New Fitness & Dating App – Will You Spot Or Drop?

Getting fit can be a lonely road, and the prospect of working out alone is too painful for many people to bear. Fear not though, a solution is in sight.

“My girlfriend cancelled our gym date once, and I had to work out alone. It sounds dramatic, but I really understood how hard it can be to work out alone, and I’m a regular gymgoer.”

Colin Tilini, entrepreneur, fitness fanatic and creator of Gymbud, a new app designed specifically to connect people looking for gym partners out of their mutual love for fitness and opportunities to form bonds.

For many, gyms can seem daunting and inaccessible, a wasteland of incomprehensible machines filled with committed spotting partners. For novices, gyms are definitely scary places.

Gymbud doesn’t discriminate based on experience levels, so there’s potential to connect with super experienced buddies who can guide you, or with less experienced buddies who you could help through the process. Having a friend with you to support and guide you through is such an important part of a fitness journey.

“I’m passionate about allowing everyone to access the same fitness facilities. I fully believe that a large barrier to continuing health and fitness is motivation, and I know how much encouragement a good gym buddy can offer. I often see people start working out and trying to get fit, and they just can’t continue because they don’t have that support behind them.”

Gymbud works on a kind of tinder inspired function. You can swipe through potential fitness partners and ‘Spot’ or ‘Drop’ them.

The app allows you to list fitness preferences and interests, and connect with others in your area.

Gymbud - Download The App for FreeGymbud also functions as a dating app, offering everyone the opportunity to find someone to connect and exercise with – no matter the fitness interest or the location, finding and connecting people based on preferences and location and it’s free.

“Growing up in Western Sydney, I’m driven by a desire to give back to my family and my community. My vision for Gymbud is that it will show people a better way to live, and guide them towards self-improvement and self-empowerment. If I could get even half the young people in my area into fitness, and guide them towards a better way to live, I would be totally happy with what I’ve achieved.”

Gymbud is different form other fitness and dating apps in its focus on connection and social networks. Its purpose is to connect over a shared love of fitness and support each other – and if you find your special someone along the way – then even better!

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