Get Members Through The Door More Often

Introducing the new standard in group fitness equipment.

Until now, the equipment central to group fitness has been slow to innovate.

As the world’s leading creator of group fitness programming, Les Mills is in a unique position to develop cutting edge equipment that integrates seamlessly into group fitness classes, improving safety and delivering maximum results.

Following three years of focused customer insight and development, Les Mills introduces SMART TECH. Comprising the SMARTBAR and SMARTSTEP, this equipment is set to change group fitness classes for the better.

With its strong and durable construction, the SMARTBAR is incredibly versatile and can be used beyond the group fitness studio – for example, for functional and personal training.

The design allows quick and easy plate transitions, and with no clips to fiddle around with, classes will always run on time. The rotating ends enable smoother movement, improve form and aid muscle isolation. The plates can also be used as ergonomic hand weights, reducing the need to purchase other products as well as saving space. The modern and stylish design of both the SMARTBAR and its rack ensures that your equipment is a selling point, even when not in use.

Tested to withstand a busy gym environment, the SMARTSTEP features a sturdy construction and design. The round shape of the risers makes assembly simple and efficient. You can also safely stack up to eight risers on each side. The non-slip feet increase the users’ confidence in the stability of the equipment, enabling them to push harder and get fitter faster.

Incline functionality, resistance band integration, and a red target line for coaching reference enable it to be used for functional or personal training. Plus, with the SMARTSTEP, there is no need for racks.

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