Functional Training And Anti Gravity Yoga Head To Wollongong Thanks To Queenax Australiasia

Functional training is one of the fastest growing fitness trends in Australia, as was evidenced by its large presence at the Australian Fitness and Health Expo in Melbourne this April.

Functional training is based on exercising to train the body to do movements it would usually be required to do in everyday life. While it is a relatively new concept in the broader fitness market, it has formed part of training in things like the military for many years.

Queenax is a leader in functional innovation. Italian designed and manufactured, the Queenax functional frames and exercise equipment bring a wealth of different training options to any fitness centre.

Rekreate Fitness and Lifestyle is an all-women’s gym in Coniston. Founder and Club Manager, Kylie Reh, is passionate about working with women and making a real difference in their lives. As the first club in Wollongong to install a Queenax frame. Rekreate is proving themselves to be ahead of the game, early adopters of this growing trend. Along with the purchase of two Queenax functional frames, Rekreate will also be the first venue in Wollongong to offer Anti Gravity Yoga.

Anti Gravity Aerial Yoga is a unique fusion technique, revolutionary in relieving compressed joints and aligning the body from head to toe. Utilising a soft material hammock which acts as a trapeze, the technique was created “to increase one’s overall health and physical activity while having fun and creating beauty”.

Artistic Director of Anti Gravity Yoga in the US, Christopher Harrison, has used this visually spectacular technique to create performances for celebrities such as Pink and Rihanna.

As Wollongong is a city with a strong circus culture, and in particular many women involved in circus (Circus Monoxide, Circus WOW), Anti Gravity Yoga is sure to prove popular in the Illawarra.

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