Raise the Barre with Fluidity

Raise the barre on your group exercise program with the Fluidity Barre and Fluidity Instructor Certification Program.

Dancers don’t dance their way to a beautiful body. They develop strength, proportion and flexibility using a wall-mounted ballet bar and their own body weight. The Fluidity Bar allows you to use your own body weight in any direction to transform your body into a dancer’s body.

The Fluidity Story

In 1999, founder Michelle Austin created Fluidity in response to a little-known fitness phenomenon called the Lotte Berk Method. Drawing upon her background teaching the Lotte Berk Method in New York, training with Lotte Berk in London, and studying kinesiology, Michelle created the Fluidity Bar and Fluidity Method – a workout that marries the tradition of the original bar workout with a modern understanding of human anatomy and movement.

The Fluidity Bar and Fluidity Method class launched at Reebok Club in New York City in 1999, capturing the attention of national press. In 2002, the Fluidity Bar gym unit prototype – designed by MIT-trained engineers, launched with even greater success at four more New York City gyms. Fluidity classes proved to be incredibly popular with women of all ages and fitness levels at New York Health & Racquet Club; Printing House; Bally’s; and the JCC. Gym success segued to mass market success in 2006 when the Company introduced its Fluidity Bar home unit and Fluidity DVD workouts via a television infomercial. Many of the Company’s original testimonials included the real women and men who practiced Fluidity in New York City.

Today, more than 200,000 Fluidity devotees represent women and men of all ages and fitness levels – from 18 to 78! Fluidity classes continue to cultivate an incredibly strong following in the New York City gym market where members often arrive 60 minutes early just to secure themselves a spot in class.

The company is currently in the process of expanding to gyms and spas around the world. Those fortunate enough to be at IRHSA can check out this innovative offering first hand by visiting booth #4428, or for more information go to www.fluiditybar.com.au


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