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First FITREC Ambassador Announced - Mel Tempest

FITREC Announce First Global Ambassador

FITREC.org is pleased to announce the appointment of Mel Tempest as Global Ambassador for FITREC fitness registration services.

FITREC Managing Director Dennis Hosking states “Mel’s enthusiasm for collaboration and the progress of the fitness industry aligns very well with FITREC.”

With a focus on guiding club owners and fitness business professionals towards more effective, efficient and innovative resources, Mel was an early supporter of FITREC, and has promoted their services for many years.

Via this collaboration, FITREC hope to become more well known to Mel’s growing international audience. “Fitness professionals all over the world, share a common goal,” says Hosking. “And, in many cases, we’re also tapping into the same standards of education and educators. In this information age, why should there be the issue of geography? Why not one service to unite us all?”

Mel Tempest has received national and international acclaim for her work within the fitness industry. The owner/operator of a successful health club, Mel has been a champion for progress within the fitness industry for many years.

Mel’s recent launch of the Gym Owners Business Podcast and Gym Owners Network and Roundtable has grown to include interviews from industry greats from Australia and overseas.

As an industry registration service, FITREC is striving to better represent industry stakeholders. As Global Ambassador and influencer, Mel will assist FITREC in reaching a wider audience and providing valuable insight into what a fitness business need and should expect from a registration service.

When asked about the inspiration for building a global registration service, Hosking adds that “Australian fitness educators are world leaders. Many of which are taking their services to new countries. But in many of these countries there is no generally accepted means by which accomplished students can easily differentiate themselves based on their efforts. FITREC aims to solve this issue while at the same time providing Australian educators with a platform in which they can demonstrate their influence on the global fitness community.”

“The fitness industry is in a time of significant change, particularly in Australia” Tempest explains. “If the industry is to move forward, it’s time for outdated and opaque methods of registering and recognising professionals to be replaced with a new and transparent model—one that allows for greater accountability of the industry—and that’s exactly what FITREC is doing.”

When asked ‘why FITREC?’, Tempest answers “For many years I’ve worked hard to encourage new ideas, concepts, tools and insights as a way to reinvigorate the fitness industry, so I’m ecstatic to be able to align myself with a group like FITREC, who are doing the same.”

Tempest adds, “We have so many talented professionals in our industry, with new trainers and club owners emerging every day. I believe through FITREC, we can do a better job when it comes to education, mentorship and collaboration to encourage fulfilling and successful careers and opportunities for new and existing Australian fitness industry professionals.”

FITREC Development Event:
Mel’s first public appearance as FITREC Ambassador will be November 15th when she MC’s FITREC’s first professional development event, FITREC UNITE – click here for more info.

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