Fancy Cycling In The Tour De France?

With the infamous Tour de France starting at the weekend, many of us are eagerly tuning in to watch the greatest cycling race on earth. But have you ever thought about the possibility of being able to ride alongside them?

The Pro-Form fitness® Tour de France Indoor Cycle allows you to do just that. Follow along the route via Google Maps Street View on a 7” touchscreen display and ride alongside your heroes. With revolutionary technology to allow the incline and decline to simulate the actual landscape of the Tour de France route, you be riding along exactly like the pros. The indoor cycle will also connect to any iFit® enabled device allowing you to track your activity as you go.

iFit® is the first ever technology that will streamline your fitness activities and nutrition from the office, the home, to the gym. It will change the way you work out, track your daily activity and also the foods you eat, and the calories you consume. With its web-enabled fitness equipment, wearables and mobile apps, iFit® is the most informative and accurate device available.

iFit® technology does more than just track your daily activity; it will track your sleep and personalise your wakeup schedules, it will track your calorie intake and cross reference against the calories burnt that day and help you plan weight loss/fitness goals and schedules based on this data. In fact it is your daily fitness buddy.

Everyone loves a bit of friendly competition and with iFit® technology, it allows you to not only set goals for yourself, but also spark up friendly rivalries with friends, colleagues and family.

So why not challenge your best friend, partner or sibling to race in your very own Tour de France from the comfort of your home?

The Pro-Form fitness® Tour de France Indoor Cycle is priced at $1,999 and is available online and Rebel and Amart stores.

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