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CONNECT by CrankIt Fitness

CONNECT™ by CrankIt Fitness

Partner Training Revolution

Australian Fitness & Health Expo Exclusive Launch

Introducing a new Partner Training device developed by Australia’s leading bodyweight and functional fitness brand.

CONNECT™ by CrankIt Fitness is the world’s most effective partner training system, including exercises and workouts for girls, guys and couples.

The CONNECT™ partner training system offers users new engaging way to train.

Partner training benefits include:

  • Engagement
  • Versatility
  • Optimal Loading
  • Fun

ENGAGEMENT: Most exercise modalities are disconnected; with users working on their own. CONNECT™ training has two people working together and engaging at a higher level.

Each partner controls how hard the other person works, and each person FEELS any change in resistance or speed.


CONNECT™ has a huge variety of exercises allowing users of different strength to train together and both get an effective workout.

Look out for the upcoming Partner Training Courses in your nearest city.

Get this new partner training device NOW – available to buy from $99 – complete the enquiry form below to place your CONNECT™ order.


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