Animal Flow Fights The Impact Of Ageing

It finally happened! Your favourite song that you used to jam out to is now on the Classic rock station! Your favourite childhood Disney movie has just rocked out its 20th anniversary DVD special edition! And even worse… you finally used the phase, “the kids these days…”! Face guys, we’re getting old! We’re getting old, and there’s nothing we can do about it! Or is there?

The average Joe these days is fighting an up hill battle against ageing! Not only do we have to fight the regular signs of getting older, but today we are working longer hours, sitting at our desks, on our couches, and on public transport more than ever before, we are glued to our phones, tablets, and laptops, and our levels of inactivity are at rates that we have never seen before! The sad thing in the health and fitness industry is that many industry professionals will argue amongst each other about which one of these factors is the one thing that is killing us.

I don’t believe that any one of these factors is the answer, but I’m here to say that we have to look at all of these factors as part of the conversation. We need to move better, and move more often. We need to sit less, and move more. We need to stand up taller and sit up straighter. And we need to talk to people more, and look less at our phones.

As health and fitness professionals we see so many people walking down the street, sitting at their desks, and moving through the world in pain. My goal and my dream is to get people moving more frequently, moving freely, and moving pain free! If we move well, move often, and move at different speeds, we are going to give ourselves options in life. If we have the option to play soccer with our kids, we will! If we have the option to play touch footy for the company lunch time team, we will! If we have the option to run the next charity event or fun run, we will! And the more we say ‘yes’, the more we move, and the greater our quality of life will be!

The Animal Flow program believes in improving quality of life through movement, to improve postural awareness, improving balance and stability, and enabling students to create clean and pain free movement patterns. A body that moves effectively and efficiently is a happy body!

We believe consistently using these movements, our students can move effectively and efficiently, and most importantly with pain free movement patterns.

With the help of the simple, but effective, Animal Flow movements we can scare off those creaking and cracking bones, and make those “old person’s noises” that you make in the morning, a thing of the past!

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Article by Anthony Boardman, Animal Flow Master Instructor

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