5 Core Disciplines Of Success (part 2)

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Finish with more cash in the bank that allows you to reinvest in growth, retire debt, and pay yourself more.

Accounting & bookkeeping
Accounting strategies to reduce tax liability, protect assets, and efficiently track money in your business.

Keys to creating and managing business and personal budgets to control costs and maximise profits.

Cash forecasting
How to know what’s going out and what’s coming in (and when)–especially during times when things are tight.

How to plan, prepare, and eliminate panic over cash requirements.

Financial reports
How to read and analyse financial reports (income, cash flow, and balance sheet) so you can adjust as needed.

Capital & debt management
How to manage working capital, carry (and pay off) debt, and raise funds when needed.

Compensation plans
How to design compensation plans to motivate, reward, and incentivise performance.

Legal & risk management
How to choose the right entity structure, review contracts, and protect IP for your business.

Advanced KPIs
What numbers matter to optimise advanced fitness business growth.

Streamline for profit
How to identify opportunities to simplify operations and improve efficiencies for increased profits as you grow.

Increasing client value
Essential strategies to better serve clients and increase their value to your business.

Commercial property
Find, select, and negotiate terms for the best location and property (lease or purchase).

Core Discipline #5 – Live better

If you’re not enjoying the race, you’re doing it wrong.

Learn how to master your ability to focus and operate at your best… even when you’re running out of gas, the engine’s smoking, and there are cars spinning out all around you.

Success is all about learning how to drive with your heart on fire and your brain on ice.

Stress Management
Learn how to ‘ride the wave’, not freak out, and use stress to produce your best work.

Clarify perception of your roles, look at your self-image, and increase the estimate of your own effectiveness.

Set & maintain boundaries
How to keep work from bleeding into your personal life (and vice versa) so that you can be present when it matters.

Sleep & recovery
How to optimise rest-work cycles to accelerate recovery and perform at your best.

Health & fitness
How to set yourself up for success and ‘lead by example’ (even when it’s the last thing you feel like doing).

Morning & evening routines
Secrets of morning and evening routines for high performance and continuous improvement.

Optimum environments
How to get your crap together, set up your environment for success, and more of the right things done.

Time & focus management
Keys to setting up your schedule, managing energy, and increasing focus at each stage of fitness business ownership.

Harmonising roles
Proven methods to reduce conflict and create more harmony between your personal and professional life.

How to not take yourself too seriously, be fun to be around, practice gratitude, and enjoy life.

Planning vacations
How to plan vacations as hard as you plan your work. Not as a reward for work done, but as preparation for work to do.

Wealth creation
How to make it, save it, and invest it. Secrets to turning fitness business success into lasting wealth.

Article written by Sean Greeley for the What’s New in Fitness Magazine – Winter 2019 Edition.

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