3 Fitness Education Courses To Enhance Your Career Prospects

An investment in your own continued education is not only worthwhile, it’s a smart move for your personal development and career options.

Here are 3 fitness courses worth considering to advance your career or step up to the next level.

Bachelor Applied Fitness

Previously, Australia’s rapidly growing fitness industry required vocational qualifications as an entry point. The Bachelor of Applied Fitness incorporates this vocational requirement while delivering a higher level of qualification – namely, an undergraduate degree.

The Bachelor of Applied Fitness combines the theory and practice of the field – motivation and learning, ethics, communication, and administration are each balanced with the ‘hard yard’ demands of practical training

Designed by professional fitness association members, providers of current industry accreditation, and academics with industry experience, the Bachelor of Applied Fitness is divided into four strands.

  1. Fitness Studies
  2. Fitness Science
  3. Vocational Education Training (VET) and Management
  4. Professional Skill Development.

Career Outcomes
This qualification provides a superior gateway to such lucrative growth areas as personal training, corporate health, special needs training, fitness writing, and event presentation. It can also open doors to further study and research in fitness and health related fields.

The next level of fitness degree – combining superior Fitness and Personal Training courses.

Call 1300 302 867 or visit www.acpe.edu.au

Kids Bootcamp Instructor (online)

This group based fitness program can bridge the gap between competitive and non-competitive children introducing fitness in a fun, motivating and more flexible manner than many team sports.

Specifically, the Kids Bootcamp Instructor course covers:

  • Risk Prevention & Management
  • Injuries and children
  • Duty of care
  • Group dynamics
  • Supervision, communication and control guidelines
  • Structure fun Activities, classes and games for: 3-5 years, 5-7 years, 8-12 years, 13-16 years.

This course is recommended for Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals wishing to undertake fitness classes for children and families.

Course Cost: AU$199
For more info on this course, visit www.mttoutdoors.com or call 0410 595 830.

Certificate In Sports Coaching

The Certificate in Sports Coaching is a solid foundation course for sports coaches. A sports coach plays a vital role in the success of the sports person. It is a ideal career for someone who has previously worked in the sports industry or a retired sportsperson who is passionate to guide upcoming sports people with their goals and ambitions.

The certificate combines the psychology, nutrition and coaching aspects all essential for a successful career for a sportsman or woman.

This is one of a kind certificate which is a valuable addition to anyone interested in sporting.

Pathways and Credits: This course gives you Credit points into the Bachelor Degree in Health sciences. Subject to change on Application.

This course is made up of 3 modules:

  1. Sports Coaching
  2. Sports Psychology
  3. Sports Nutrition Course

Your Career Options: Successful completion of the course will enable you to work as:

  • Sports Manager
  • Sports Coach
  • Sports supplements advisor
  • Team manager

There are many other possibilities with this versatile course – contact us for more information.

Course Cost: AU$1400
Call 07 5689 1500 or visit www.healthcourses.com.au for all the details.

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