Friday , August 12 2022

Australia’s Elite Fitness Models

About AEFM (Australia’s Elite Fitness Models)


Strong is the new skinny and AEFM is here to prove it!

A fresh addition to the Australian modelling industry, the elite models of AEFM have the ideal healthy, lean and above all, athletic look.
Australia’s Elite Fitness Models is Australia’s leading Fitness Talent Management Company.

At AEFM we manage a very unique talent base of fitness models.

Seeking to provide a rapidly growing list of both experienced fitness models and emerging talent. AEFM invites you to explore our portfolio and discover the newest faces of Australian fashion.

Founder – Jason Shepard

Jason Shepherd is the founder of AEFM after deciding to get into Athletic Modelling around 20 years ago.

AEFM Founder Jason Shepherd

He started out in the UK and, in a world of fashion, catwalks, and glamour, he discovered that his athletic physique made him unique.

Some 20 years later, he is channelling his reputation and expertise into his own modelling agency here in Australia.

AEFM Founder - Jason Shepherd

With an intimate knowledge of both the fitness and fashion industry, Jason is bridging the gap between the two, creating a positive and prevalent change in modern society’s view of beauty and health.

Australia’s Elite Fitness Models are always on the lookout for new and exciting talent and looks forward to discovering YOU!

If you think you could be the newest Australian elite fitness model, ENTER NOW!