Precor and Spinning Commercial Fitness Equipment Supplier

The innovators of fitness equipment and the inventors of indoor cycling bring you an all-new line of Spinning® Bikes.

Precor and Spinning®, the inventors of indoor cycling category, have collaborated to design and produce an all-new line of Spinner® bikes. The technologies in the Spinner® Rally, Spinner® Shift, and Spinner® Ride bikes are designed to personalise the ride and improve the fit, feel and longevity of every bike purchased. Each bike features the reliability and durability expected from Precor, backed by more than 20 years of industry insights, education and programming from Spinning®.

How can Precor and Spinning® assist your business?

Attraction: Facilities with Spinner® bikes receive access to the Spinning® community and differentiating programming that brings credibility to indoor cycle offerings, which can help to attract an entirely new group of committed exercisers and instructors.

Retention: Each bike is built to improve the experience of the rider and fit within Spinning® programming, providing the best ride possible and keeping exercisers coming back.  Every Spinner® model uses a 19.5kg perimeter weighted flywheel, giving each bike a signature feel that more closely matches the fluidity of outdoor cycling than any other bike. The adjustment points customise the fit of the bike for a wide range of users, making the workout more comfortable and effective.

For Operators, Spinning® programming ensures a high-quality, consistent experience from instructor to instructor and class to class. Instructors receive continuing education and access to the largest community to help grow  business.

Secondary Revenue: The quality and performance of the Spinner® bikes can help to differentiate a facility’s indoor cycle offerings from those of its competitors and increases revenue potential through the comprehensive programming that is included with each Spinner® model. Revenue can be driven through attraction tools, including the Facility Finder and Class Pass on, special eight-week rides and accessories.

Operational Efficiency: Each model features robust parts designed to last, including stainless steel fasteners to provide maximum corrosion protection, oval tubes and rounded shapes to better shed liquids, the highest quality pedals available, oversized steel crank arms and a maintenance-free cartridge sealed bottom bracket. From a program perspective, Spinning® offers complete support to instructors and operators to help develop, grow, and market their Spinning® offering. This takes the burden off operators  to promote the program and keep interest so they can better run the rest of their business.

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