World’s Strongest Plate-Loaded Gets Stronger

Introducing the Hammer Strength plate-loaded belt squat.

Following the recent introduction of the T-Bar Row and Vertical Smith Machine, Life Fitness is proud to release the Hammer Strength Plate-Loaded Belt Squat; the latest addition to the Hammer Strength Plate-Loaded line-up.

The Belt Squat utilises Hammer Strength’s signature design and durability standards, and shares the same options and features as the existing Plate-Loaded products, to ensure performance strength training that yields results.

Key features of the Hammer Strength Plate-Loaded Belt Squat include:

  • Front and rear weight rods, allowing for large weight loads
  • Four belt anchor points to provide varying load distribution
  • Wide, dual foot platforms with a separation gap to help prevent marring from the belt and chain
  • Optional Dip Handle to enable weighted dips
  • Starting resistance of 20.4kg
  • Maximum training capacity of 385.6kg

The Belt Squat also features band pegs (with nearly 1:1 load effect when used), long handles to accommodate users of all sizes, and a storage hanger for the belt and hook for added convenience.

The new Plate-Loaded Belt Squat is yet another piece of rugged performance strength training equipment by Hammer Strength; designed to withstand the most intense workouts and to build champions at any level.

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Want to find out more?
More information on the Hammer Strength Plate-Loaded Belt Squat is available from Life Fitness – call 1800 689 622 or enquire below.[/box]

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