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How Precor Strength Equipment Delivers To Your Broad Membership Base

Thanks to its increased functional capabilities and ease of use, Precor strength equipment appeals to a wide range of exercisers, making it an excellent choice when you have a broad membership base.

Research has shown that selectorized equipment users are looking for fit, feel, functionality, and simplicity. Precor strength equipment delivers with optimal performance, durability, and ease of use.

Find out for yourself with this exciting video to see what makes the Discovery Series the right line a fit for all of your members from Precor Director of Product Management, Adam Hubbard.


Hello. My name’s Adam Hubbard, director of product management at Precor. I’ll be taking you through the highlights of our new Discovery Series, Selectorized, and Plate Loaded lines.

So what’s different about the Discovery Series? Through extensive research with facility operators, trainers, and exercisers, we’ve designed this line to ensure that it meets the exacting standards of a wide range of facilities, appealing to a broad range of exercisers, from your newest members to the strongest exercisers alike. The series incorporates a contemporary design that complements our Precor cardio equipment and is built to deliver optimal performance and durability.

Why choose Precor Strength? Building upon a strong fitness heritage, Precor’s made a substantial investment in bringing you new, exciting, innovative equipment built in our new, world-class manufacturing facility. The Discovery Series is the pinnacle of those innovations.

We’re going to focus on three key attributes for this new line: performance, reliability, and ease of use for our Selectorized and Plate Loaded lines. First, let’s start with the performance characteristics of this series. The converging and diverging movements provide greater range of motion and muscle involvement. Independent resistance on the movement arms demands greater balance and core muscle engagement from the user. The resistance strength curves are tailored to match the body’s natural points of strength. The Selectorized line features a low-profile tower. At only 59 inches in height, this tower is common to all models, creating a consistent and uniform look. Our shrouds are made using a translucent material, designed to create an open, inviting workout environment.

The Plate Loaded line has both low starting resistance for first-time users and up to 450 pounds for serious training needs. The new line has been designed for maximum weight storage to ensure that weight plates are readily available, all without increasing the footprint of the equipment. Weight load heights are designed to be near chest level on most models to avoid bending over or reaching overhead when loading and unloading plates.

Let’s discuss the reliability characteristics of the series. Oversized four-by-two frames are constructed of 11 and 8 gauge steel and are welded in all structural areas. This provides an exceptionally solid foundation that won’t bend, flex, or creak under heavy loads. Premium pads and automotive-grade upholstery are contoured to support the user and provide a superior fit. All pads are double stitched for increased strength, with side trim upholstery made from a more durable material to protect against rips. All movement arms rotate on large, one-inch hardened steel shafts, supported by two-inch, industrial-grade cartridge bearings. All wear areas and traction surfaces have thick, textured, powder coated steel plates bolted in place. Our line uses no plastic, grip tape, or rivets. This keeps the equipment looking good many years after installation.

Let’s discuss some of the easy to use characteristics of the series. The large, easy to read illustrations are text-free and demonstrate correct form and muscle usage at a glance. Each machine features a QR code that links to a short video to give users tips on proper form and technique to ensure they get the most out of the exercise. Seat positions are easily adjusted in half-inch increments for a more precise fit. Highly durable, industrial-grade gas shocks lift seat position with only five pounds of force. The large, over molded adjustment paddle is brightly colored, making it easy to find and easy to use. To ensure proper grip, all pressing exercises include a large inch-and-a-half handgrip. Pulling exercises use a small inch-and-a-quarter grip for improved comfort and feel. The Selectorized line features a five pound add-on weight that is as simple and as easy to use as a light switch: on to engage, off to disengage. For storage of water bottles, keys, and mobile devices, a convenient accessory tray is located on the top of the tower, keeping exercisers’ personal items off the floor. Smaller diameter weight horns allow for easy removal and replacement of the weight plates without the binding that can occur with larger, Olympic-sized weight horns.

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