2015 Fitness Trends For Operators, By Precor

While common fitness classes like yoga, group cycle, and bootcamps are trusty standbys to nearly every gym out there, this new year brings a whole new batch of fitness trends that your facility’s members are likely eager and ready to try out.

Precor took a look at the American College of Sports Medicine’s Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2015 to compile this list of five trends you should incorporate into your gym. Not only will it make your gym more engaging and exciting for current members; it’ll also increase the appeal to potential new members.

Body Weight Training

Coming in at #1 on the 2015 fitness trends list, body weight training has been gaining momentum fast. Requiring little or no equipment, this type of weight training is practical for both your centre’s clients and your gym – only a little space is needed in your facility, but exercisers will benefit immensely from the work they put in doing this kind of exercise.

To draw in an even larger audience, enhance the body weight training experience by providing simple tools like suspension trainers and BOSU® balls to target those who are interested in core training (a trend that rings in at #15).

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

This type of training involves short periods of high-intensity exercise, followed by small moments of rest. Taking second place in this year’s fitness trends, this type of workout is normally complete in under 30 minutes. This trend can be combined with body weight training, circuit training, or cardio, and can be done as a class or individually.

Group Personal Training

Normally, gym goers are drawn to the chance to work out with a small group of other exercisers, and a personal trainer. This year proves no different, as group personal training appears at #10 in the ACSM’s survey.

Small-group personal training sessions are the perfect opportunity for your facility to share its experienced and certified trainers with clients who may not necessarily be able to afford private personal training sessions.

Workplace Health and Wellbeing

There is currently a growing trend in workplaces’ emphasis on their employees’ well-being. While some companies offer their employees fitness centres that are located on company grounds, others are too small for this to be a possibility.

Target small- and medium-sized businesses interested in improving their employees’ workplace health by offering group packages or discounted memberships for their employees. Also, promote your gym’s personal training services and family/friend discounts, if that is something you offer.

Prep for Outdoor Activities

Yeah, yeah – while outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, and mountain biking actually take place outside of the gym, there’s nothing stopping you from helping your gym members prepare while they’re in the gym.

Consider holding a “summer sports bootcamp” for those who’ll be hitting the waves to do some surfing or swimming, or a full-body workout class that is especially meant for those who will be showing off their best tennis moves on the courts. Your members will be very grateful for the extra help that the special-focused classes offer!

Make 2015 a profitable year for your fitness facility by both: 1) offering these hot trends and others that will keep your members excited and engaged, and 2) keeping some of the traditional fitness classes and staples that never get old. By striking a balance between the two, your clients will have no reason to stray from your gym, and you’ll likely gain new members in the meantime!

Source: Precor

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