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Mirror - The New Virtual Fitness Delivery Platform

Mirror – The New Virtual Fitness Delivery Platform

10th September 2018, NEW YORK

The IoT (Internet of Things) continues to infiltrate enhance our lives.

There are connected fridges, ovens, beds, and bikes … and now there are connected mirrors for virtual fitness classes.

New York-based fitness technology startup ‘Mirror‘ today launched its product out of stealth and announced a $25 million round of funding from Spark Capital.

This comes six months after the startup first teased its product alongside an inaugural $13 million of funding.

How does Mirror work?
In a nutshell, Mirror is setting out to deliver in-home workouts through giant mirrors that connect to live and on-demand fitness classes. It resembles a giant smartphone on a stand, and constitutes a LCD panel, stereo speakers, camera, microphone, and a one-way mirror.

Users can watch themselves on-screen during their workout at the same time as the virtual fitness instructor.

At launch, available classes include yoga, Pilates, cardio, strength, boxing, stretch, and barre, with tailored levels available from beginner through to expert. The real-time instruction, which may include personal shout-outs from the instructors, are also optimised in real time depending on the user’s preferences and biometric data garnered from heart-rate monitors or smart watches. More than 50 new workouts will be added each week, according to a statement issued by the company, created for Mirror in a New York-based fitness studio.

It’s worth noting that the giant mirror functions exactly like a real mirror when it’s turned off, and it doesn’t sport any kind of touchscreen functionality. An accompanying mobile app — available for iOS devices only at launch — serves as the control centre for all the on-screen action, while also giving the user access to their fitness data.

Coming Soon - Mirror - The New Virtual Fitness Platform

Studio classes are great for high-quality, hands-on training, but are often draining on time and budget,” noted Mirror CEO and founder Brynn Putnam. “We’re creating a personalised experience with the best trainers and classes around the world, so anyone can enjoy the benefits of a workout, whenever and wherever they want.

With another US$25 million in the bank, Mirror is now ready to ramp up its operations as it finally brings its product to market.

What’s the damage?
US$1,495 up front for the Mirror device, plus US$39 each month to access all the classes. That’s not cheap, but compared to what? There are hundreds of thousands of people already logging in for regular cycle classes on the Peloton bike which retails for US$2245 (bike only) and the Peloton Tread is set to retail at around US$3500, both also have a monthly subscription fee for the content.

Check out these features:

TRAIN WITH EXPERTS – During class, your instructor will provide real-time instruction and even personal shout-outs to keep you motivated.

  • WORK OUT WITH FRIENDS – Train live with other members of the community who cheer you on to stay on track.
  • COMPETE WITH YOURSELF – Sync a Bluetooth heart rate monitor (complimentary with purchase) or Apple Watch to enable competition mode. Our proprietary algorithm tracks your ability to achieve, maintain and recover from target heart rate zones. Earn points and try to beat your personal best.
  • GET REAL-TIME PERSONALISATION – The Mirror optimiSes in real-time based on your ability, goals, and preferences for maximum results in minimum time. Sync a Bluetooth heart rate monitor and Mirror will use your biometric data to further enhance your experience.
  • ENJOY SURROUND SOUND – Choose from curated playlists featuring popular music or create your own. Use the Mirror’s embedded speakers, or sync your favoUrite Bluetooth audio device. For the first time, choose your ideal workout class and ideal music for a uniquely personaliSed experience.
More on Mirror:
Check out the specs, hardware, connection and accessories for Mirror and a few of the testimonials for this nearly invisible interactive home gym.

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