The XR Slide Review

When I first saw the XR Slide, I really did think, wow so simple. I also thought, I can see a potentially tough workout in this portable and lightweight creation.

Having used wooden discs at the gym for some core and flexibility movements, the XR Slide clearly offers something way beyond that in functionality and results.

Let’s take a closer look at the training options of the XR Slide:-

Strength & Toning – Adding the sliding movement to traditional exercises allows you to accelerate your results by working a little bit more for each movement and activating additional muscles means you can become as strong or as toned as you increase your range.

Cardio & Aerobic – With a broad range of movements, you can easily plug in both aerobic and anaerobic training. The XR Slide activates your core and at the same time elevates your heart rate meaning this little tool is great for weight loss and sports conditioning.

Abdominals & Core Stability – Using the XR Slide to reduce your stability whilst performing a traditionally static exercise engages constant core activation for the user and meets the demands of whatever your training needs are. With extensive options, this could be what you have been looking for.

Physiotherapy & Rehab – With minimal resistance, the XR Slide provides a fully controlled base in which to start and finish a range of rehabilitation programs.  Allowing the muscle to travel to length without gravity loading, gives the user stable conditions to begin early mobilization and movement rehabilitation.

Training guides and posters are available to emphasize positioning and technique and video demos show the XR Slide in action.

Our verdict: I’m not sure you can go without the XR Slide. Quick total body workouts that are sure to spice up your training. We see growing popularity in group exercise and circuit classes. Probably the best portable and low cost item you’ll add to your gym or studio!

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