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WNiF Magazine & Website Contributors

Our magazine and this website would not be possible without our team of writers and contributors – for that we say a big thank you to all of these fab individuals!

Want to contribute? Drop us an email with your details and we’ll be in touch.

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Analee Matthews
In addition to being editor of the “What’s New in Fitness” magazine and website, Analee is a freelance writer, editor and publisher of OH! Magazine, a new FREE member retention and acquisition tool for health clubs and fitness businesses. Email

Heidi Di Santo
Heidi is a speaker, counsellor and author based in Melbourne Victoria. She is passionate about Emotional Fitness. She helps people to see life from a different perspective so you can realise that life doesn’t need to be so hard. Her aim is to improve the quality of your life because YOU ARE WORTHY OF MORE! Heidi ultimately helps people to find inner peace. Her next book I Should Be Happy But I’m Not – The 6 Practices of Emotionally Fit People is about to be published soon. For more information and to get her FREE 30-minute meditation visit

Vanessa Emilio
Vanessa is a contributor to, Australia’s solo and micro business community. Vanessa is the CEO, Founder and Practice Director of, which specialises in providing legal agreements, forms and templates to everyday Australians. Vanessa set up her business after seeing friends, family and colleagues avoid lawyers because they were too expensive, too time consuming or too intimidating.

Toni Krasicki
Toni is a freelance health, fitness and travel writer, with 24 years’ experience in the fitness industry. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Movement Science and a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Promotion and can be contacted at or via

Lucinda Lions
Lucinda is an Acting Editor at, Australia’s solo and micro business community. She is also the Chief sloganeer at Slogan Creator ( and the Chief web copywriter at Lion Writing (

Vickie Saunders
Vickie launched The Sponsorship Consultants ( in February 2014 to provide resources and consultancy to athletes of all levels seeking sponsorship. Over the past three years Vickie has enabled her clients to engage over $260,000 of sponsorship!. She shares her knowledge with athletes through seminars, her book Sponsorship for Athletes and her resource and consultancy programs, all of which empower athletes with the skills, resources and knowledge to engage their own valuable sponsorship.

Leanne Sklavenitis
Leanne is a health and fitness industry expert, business coach, author and international speaker, who runs a successful online fitness business, and Fitness membership site – with clients all over the world. Her life purpose is to assist people worldwide to get fitter, healthier and happier. She motivates people to transform their mind, body and business to achieve ultimate success and happiness. Leanne has won two fitness awards, and has presented at international conferences including to 5,000 delegates in Singapore at the World Alzheimer’s Conference, and been featured in many online and offline publications. She is also the author of three books. To find out more about how she help you personally or in business visit

Shane Byrne
With 20 years’ industry experience and former PT, Shane was one of the most successful Sales and Club Managers within Fitness First, which led him to become State Manager in QLD, and then National Sales Manager for Italy and the Netherlands. After leaving Fitness First, Shane was one of the industry experts who formed FitnFast Gyms, and here he led the company to an annual turnover of over $20 million. Contact Shane via

Celeste Kirby-Brown
Celeste is the Director of Sales, Marketing and Relationships at Ezypay. Celeste is a busy mother of three, as well as an innovative digital marketer and content creator, who gets a kick out of seeing a creative concept turn into dollars and cents for Ezypay and their clients. Celeste can be reached via

Dr. Joanna McMillan
Joanna believes food is more than the nutrients it contains. Instead, it is part of our social connection, our culture and one of life’s great pleasures. Dr Joanna’s goal is to help you to create quick, healthy, delicious meals – easily. Learn more about Joanna at or read more from Dr Joanna at

Nic Monteforte
Nic is a highly experienced Operations Director. Her industry successes include achieving a $350,000 turnover in the first month of a club’s trading; being the first ever female Director at Fitness First Australia, managing over A$250 million in annual revenue, and 2,500+ staff; and being part of the small consortium to have grown FitnFast gyms to 18 clubs in three years. Contact Nic via

Brad Sheppard
Brad is the Owner of Brisbane’s largest and most successful personal training team. In 2006 he was named Queensland’s Fitness Professional of the Year. Contact Brad via

Justin Tamsett
JT is the world’s number one comfort zone challenger. He challenges leaders in how they run their company or business. He challenges individual departments operationally in companies. He even challenges individuals on how to create work/life balance. Justin understands first-hand the importance of work/life balance. Find out more about Justin at

Margie Warrell
Margie is an internationally recognised thought leader in human potential – passionate about empowering people to think bigger about what is possible for them, engage in bigger conversations and lead more purposeful lives. Margie draws on her background in Fortune 500 Business and Psychology as a keynote speaker, master executive coach, media contributor, bestselling author and facilitator. Contact Margie or find out more at

Derek Barton
Derek has had over 28 years of experience in advertising, branding and PR. He was the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Gold’s Gym International, Inc. when he left to form his own marketing consulting company in 2006. Since Derek’s early days at Gold’s he was instrumental in helping grow the brand, resulting in the increase from 150 franchised gyms to 600 franchised and 44 corporate gyms. Derek had been responsible for the marketing and advertising of the corporate gyms as well as the franchised gyms in 43 states and 26 countries, making Gold’s the largest co-ed gym chain in the world. Find out more or contact Derek via

Amanda Bracks
Amanda has sold over 20,000 memberships and personal training packages and has trained over 1,000 business owners and staff on marketing, sales and operations in AUS, NZ, UK and USA. For more tips like these, grab a copy of one of Amanda’s books: Changing Lives; a hands on approach to successfully selling health club memberships or Customer Acquisition; 465 ways to gain and retain customers, both available from