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Wholey Foods® Releases Breakfast Smoothie Range

Wholey Foods® is excited to introduce its new Breakfast Smoothie range, featuring delicious smoothie blends, specifically created for breakfast.

The welcome additions to the healthy breakfast scene tap into the biggest nutrition trends, providing consumers with a natural, low sugar, high protein wholefoods option in an easy-to-prepare smoothie format.

“Wholey Foods was born out of a passion for nourishing our family of five a little better, in ways that support our hectic lives,” says Natasha Cromer, Founder of Wholey Foods. “The Breakfast Smoothie, our first creation, fulfils the need for an exciting and convenient breakfast format with recognisable ingredients and more nutritional benefits.”

Wholey Foods Breakfast Smoothies are a blend of the best natural breakfast ingredients, including finely ground oats, nuts and seeds and NZ grass-fed whey protein. With no added sugar, nothing artificial and definitely no boring taste, they provide 45 per cent of daily protein needs when served with 250 ml of dairy milk.

“Today, many people are actively reducing their sugar consumption and increasing their protein intake as part their everyday wellness plan,” continues Natasha Cromer. “With no cooking and minimal preparation, the Breakfast Smoothies provide easy hidden health for rushed mornings. They help keep you full, manage cravings and replenish energy, making them highly appealing to both young and old.”

Available in cocoa and vanilla natural flavours, Wholey Foods Breakfast Smoothies taste delicious when blended or shaken with your preferred milk and fruit of choice. The blends can also be used as a foundation for smoothie recipes or as an ingredient for tasty foods, including protein balls, ice blocks and ice cream.

Wholey Foods Breakfast Smoothies (RRP $15.95) are available in the breakfast aisles of select Woolworths stores nationally.

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