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Who Is Using CorMax Fitness Products


Across Australia gyms are now using CorMax equipment.

Add variety to your circuit training as the CorMax equipment’s instability is such a challenge and creates so much fun.

Squats, lunges, deadlifts, overhead presses, fly’s – as many exercises as you have imagination all unstable, challenging and fun.

Challenge your clients with Cor Intensity training (CIT) or your own High Intensity sessions, ultimate in functional training. CorMax compound body workout improves power, strength, tone, balance, and flexibility while stripping away unwanted fat.

Use Cor Plus Training or devise your own complete ‘Core Attack’ session with literally 100′s of core exercises available.

As for your Bootcamp’s, check out our section and videos all about Personal Trainers and Bootcamps.

Keep training safely and have fun.

Personal Trainers / Bootcamps / Outdoor Fitness Trainers

Boot Camps and Functional training is all the rage.

Endurance, speed and agility cones, sand bags, battling ropes, boxing, giant tyres, pallets, cross training and body weight drills and more….

Yes – plenty to keep the average trainer interested however the CorMax exercise equipment offers many… many more options that just aren’t available to Personal Trainers until now. The CorMax range is the first range of exercise equipment to offer instability during training. The unpredictable water movement offers a huge challenge and so much fun in a group training environment that no other equipment offers.

The Commander (used as Bench or Trainer) will give you so many more options.

Used as a bench, your clients are now training ‘off the ground’ – use Torpedoes, Grenades, AQA Balls and sand bags, lying, kneeling, even standing (balancing), to perform pullovers, bench presses, fly’s, sit-ups and 100′s of stability core exercises.

The Commander is ideal when used as an individual cross trainer or when training in groups up to 5 per Commander. Groups work together with shoulder, overhead or stretcher carries.

As a Personal Trainer you will come up with your own style and your own challenging and fun exercises to motivate your clients and to make them want to come back again and again. When deflated, the Commander is easy to transport and even easier to inflate onsite – it only takes 30 seconds per Commander. And rest assured, the Commander will never smell as the CorMax range are manufactured from tough and durable PVC. To clean, simply hose down and/or wipe clean.

Keep training safely and have fun.


The unique rehabilitation benefits of CorMax exercise equipment – CorMax Commander, Grenades, Torpedoes and AQA Balls strengthen the dynamic stabilisers and provide an extra challenge in all range of motion compared to using the standard dumbbell, barbell and kettle bell for rehabilitation.

The unpredictable water movement helps patients of all ages with stability and balance safely.

The CorMax range requires relatively low weight for rehabilitation as compared to fixed weights.

Many physiotherapists throughout Australia are already using the CorMax range for rehabilitation programs and highly recommend them useful for patients of all ages.

Young People

CorMax training introduces children to fitness in a fun and safe manner.

Children will benefit from strength gain, increased coordination and general fitness. The unpredictability makes it fun for all ages and especially so for children.

Fantastic to introduce into games or circuit classes as CorMax Commander, Grenades and Torpedoes increase cardio quickly, and burn calories. Very little weight is required to have a safe, effective and fun workout unlike traditional fixed weights.
There is always the worry of injury, but not with the CorMax range – they are soft and safe to use.

Elderly People
The senior can benefit greatly from strength and general fitness.

Maintain quality of life as CorMax exercise equipment are ideally suited as a functional training tool. The CorMax range reduces impact on the joints as relatively low weight is required compared to fixed weights.

The unpredictable water movement helps seniors with stability and balance. The CorMax Commander, Grenades, Torpedoes and AQA Balls are tough and yet so soft and safe to use.

Many physiotherapists throughout Australia are already using the CorMax range for rehabilitation and highly recommend them for the seniors.

Keep training safely and have fun.


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