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Whey2Good Vanilla Coconut Protein Balls

When we heard about an Australian brand of Protein Snack that uses Organic Ingredients, without any nasty artificial sweeteners…. we thought it was ‘Whey2Good’ to be true!

I must admit, I usually stay well clear of pre-made protein bars due to the long list of un-pronounceable synthetic ingredients and overload of sugar and hidden sugars. Enter Whey2Good Vanilla Coconut Protein Balls, which we were lucky enough to sample!

For a starters, on reading the ingredients – there is nothing you or your body wouldn’t recognise, and nothing you wouldn’t be able to pronounce!

Imagine a soft cookie ball, with a creamy Vanilla flavour that just melts in your mouth! The balls contain the superfood Chia, giving a lovely texture as well as providing a source of Omega-3, an essential fatty acid (good fat). As there are no artificial sweeteners, there is no overbearing sweetness to these.

They come individually packaged, so the Vanilla Coconut Protein Balls make the perfect guilt free snack when on the run! Being individually packaged, they are also portion controlled which is handy when you are unsure of a suitable snack size to have. Heat one up in the microwave for 20 seconds and you have a great tasting and nutritious snack in no time!

Don’t let their size fool you, these little circles of goodness keep you satisfied due to containing Casein protein and good fats, meaning you are fuller for longer.

Overall, we are highly impressed with this innovative and delicious product!

 A bit about Whey2Good

Unlike most protein balls Whey2Good’s Vanilla Coconut Protein Balls do not contain any dried fruits or artificial sweeteners, keeping the sugars all natural! We use Australian, Organic, nutritious ingredients and a quality blend of Casein Protein powder.

Whey2Good is local Gold Coast food manufacturer specialising in Protein filled snacks! Clean Eating does not have to be boring! We are here to help you get creative with your foods and bring to you guilt free, delicious snacks made from the finest Organic ingredients and quality blends of Protein Powder.

 Why Whey2Good prefers to use Casein in our recipes

Casein Protein is a slow release powder which means rather then a standard Whey protein which your body processes quickly after consumption, Casein protein can remain in your body for up to 8 hours allowing your body and muscles to receive the benefits of the protein powder long after the food or shake has been ingested. When Casein is mixed with water it thickens and makes a paste like substance, so it is great for baking snacks and treats as it holds products together well!

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