Thursday , August 13 2020
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Where Is My Protein

Where’s My Protein?

My second day visiting the UK’s North West and I’ve popped into 3 of the supermarket chain giants and I’m disappointed.

Where are the range of protein shakes, bars, balls, crisps and nutritional supplements? There is more of a range in my little home town Avalon Beach Woolies than all 3 of these supermarkets put together. Check online for a ‘special nutrition’ store was the advice coming from one of the store assistants.

45 minutes later, I’m opening my emails, and I came across a media release and instantly thought what a brilliant idea. A concept protein shake store from Nutrition Store, a world first they say, launched in Sydney, Australia. A healthy ready to drink protein shake using frozen yoghurt (courtesy of Frosty Boy Australia) as a base with the added benefits of prebiotic and probiotic fibres. With as much protein as any of the usual ‘ready to drink’ offering, it’s a yes please from me and exactly what I needed.

That’s innovation coming from the Aussies with 6 more stores due to open this month.

Here’s a thought, why restrict a healthy, nutrition shake to the gym, let’s have a little kiosk in every supermarket next to the deli or even an offering from our fav cafe.

Stay tuned for more thoughts, news and experiences – Craig Mac.


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