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What’s New in Fitness – Free Monthly eNewsletter

The What's New in Fitness free monthly eNewsletter is one of the most trusted fitness business resource with over 8,200 fitness business decision maker subscribers.

Our monthly eNewsletter is delivered in a magazine front cover format highlighting the contents of each newsletter with sponsor features, new video posts and product articles grabbing the main headlines.

What's in our monthly eNewsletter?
Expect to be reading about the latest technology available from commercial gym and fitness equipment suppliers around the world, brand new product releases and announcements, new club equipment installations, fitness product and service promotional videos, industry reports and trends, special 'trade only' offers and discounts, articles, general news and press releases and a whole lot more.

WNiF gives you the latest news in fitness & subscription is free...

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Click the images below to view each edition. The end one is the most recent edition.

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