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Virus - Action Sports Performance

VIRUS – Action Sports Performance

Virus – Action Sports Performance

The action sport athlete must make a choice in their technical apparel. Whether it’s a waterman, boarder, rider or fighter, there is nothing that is made or marketed for them… until now.

Virus uses bleeding edge fabric technology and years of active apparel design experience, to serve the individual needs of these athletes. Offering the best in fabric, fabrication and design, Virus will give back to this community by delivering specifically designed technical apparel. The world of action sports today is pushing the boundaries of the human limit. As action sport professionals push these sports to new heights, it promotes everyday lifestyle athletes to follow suit. The gear that they wear must follow the same trend and extend itself into a new era of cutting-edge fabric technology and performance wear that helps progress these sports to new levels.

Virus is here to answer that call for all individual athletes. These are not team sports, it is you versus the world and it’s elements.

Virus uses fabrics that aid in cooling, heating and recovery, distinctively paired with patterns that compress, give support and protect for each of their targeted individual sport categories.

Cutting-edge fabrics are designed to withstand the rigours of hard use and the needs of extreme conditions, allowing athletes to have technical apparel that keeps up with them. You can choose from Stay Warm, Stay Cool and Recovery options, all of which are designed to last.

Cool Jade™

Natural Cooling Element
Our Cool Jade technology has been developed to reduce skin surface temperatures for use in high temperatures.  Our testing has proven that it’s use on the skin can reduce temperatures up to 5 ° C.  Made by recycled jade shavings, nano technology has allowed this to be woven into yarn that is cool to the touch.  As Jade is a natural substance used in jewelry for centuries, it has no adverse affect on skin.

Coffee Char™

Heat Trap Made With Recycled Coffee
Our Coffee Charcoal technology is designed specifically for use in cold weather.  Made from recycled coffee beans, this technology insulates and traps heat. Our studies prove that the use of coffee charcoal in contact with the skin will raise surface temperatures up to 5 ° C.  This technology provides a superior natural barrier from the cold combined with our quick dry technology allows for a comfortable resistance to low atmospheric temperatures.


Rejuvenatory and Recovery Compound
Our Bio-ceramic technology was developed for rejuvenation and to counteract fatigue when applied to the skin.  This technology was first used in bands applied to surgeons during lengthy operations to decrease fatigue and add stability to their hands.  The mineral compound used in our Bio-ceramic has been mined from deep pockets in the ocean. It is an organic compound that not only adds to the recovery of muscle and nerves but is also works as an antioxidant. Our studies have proven that this technology fights arthritis, adds to nerve and muscle regeneration and helps relieve toxicities in the human body.

For more information on VIRUS Action Sports Performance gear click here.

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