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Uppy – New Performance And Health Program

There’s a new work/life balance program available for people seeking more balance in their life.

With Australians working more than ever and over 50 per cent of workers not taking their entitled leave each year, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a work/life alignment.

This is why performance and health coach Laura Moore created Uppy – a specialised performance and health program that gives driven women more time, energy and freedom to focus on what is really important to them and maximise their performance, both personally and professionally.

Once the Uppy team have helped the client understand what they really want, a personalised strategy is mapped out and they work together to create significant long lasting change that will accelerate the client towards their ultimate goals.

Laura experienced first-hand the effects that a driven mindset and lifestyle could have on the body. Her journey of discovery gave her a deep insight into working through body issues, unrelenting standards, perfectionism, self-sabotage, over working and trauma. Having married this with her experiences as a health coach, personal trainer, business owner, corporate worker and simply as a woman she now has a unique perspective on all of the factors that can affect performance and health, and the strategies needed to overcome them.

The Uppy program includes personalised plans with clearly defined outcomes, two 90-minute sit downs per month, unlimited access to Laura via email, phone or Skype and quarterly strategy sessions.

Uppy’s monthly subscription is $2,000 and is available from June 2016.

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