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Update From Eye Fitness

August is looking super busy with preparation for Fitness Expo time coming up – we’re booked in for Perth, Sydney and Brisbane over the next few months with some exciting, innovating and engaging product to share with you. Perth is up first on 11-13 September, so if you’re around, we’d love to see you at the Fitness & Health Expo – you’ll find us at stand G4!


FitMetrix is cutting-edge with so much more to offer than any other HR monitoring system on the market, we’re delighted to have it on board. We promise to bring you more information in a product feature soon, but here’s a little sneak peak…unlike any other system, FitMetrix can read any heart rate wearable device as long as it is either ant+/Blutooth enabled – which is great for members meaning they don’t have to buy specific wearables, they can just use their own in the gym! The FitMetrix system is also completely white labelled, so it can be club branded and be fully integrated with a fitness facility’s website


ZUU is training style based on high intensity primal movement patterns mixed with strength and endurance body weight exercises. It blends old school methods, sports science and proven techniques with new and innovative approaches, meaning every workout targets all major and minor muscle groups while engaging both the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. As a HIIT style, ZUU sessions will be one of the most comprehensive, effective, and intense workouts you’ll ever complete! EYE Fitness is proud to be the authorised and exclusive commercial promoter and reseller of the ZUU training method and offer ZUU training in co-orination with Stroops training – a winning combination that gives you the tools to add exciting, inclusive team training systems to your timetable, small group training or bootcamps.


Stroops can revolutionise your group fitness and team training, both indoor or outdoors, providing a real unique point of difference to the service you offer. Stroops training integrates the use of Stroops Slastix to enhance conditioning and exercise movements not normally able to be performed under load. It’s ideal for training clients weaknesses and adding additional training loads and variation. The ZUU/Stroops program is available under an annual licence agreement with EYE Fitness and a two-day tailored workshop, leaving you with monthly programs, business plans and more.

A launch exclusive – the Swamp Box

Created by the founder of world renowned ZUU training, Nathan Helberg, we’re pretty pumped to launch the new, innovative Swamp Box.  The first of it’s kind, the Swamp Box is a sinking plyo box. It is made with a very unique mix of foams, designed to mimic soft sand training where eccentric loading and stabilisation into an ever-changing surface, forces your body to adapt and improve. It’s exclusive low impact design lessens injury to joints, it’s soft material removes the huge amount of injuries caused by “shinning” of traditional plyo boxes and it’s non-slip bottom surface means this cutting-edge piece of equipment won’t budge on impact when used on any fitness facility floor surface – a massive piece of mind for gym owners and users. The Swamp Box has an original size of 800x800x50mm high, with feet placement icons on top, easing direction for users. As with all of Nathan Helberg’s products, the Swamp Box is backed with his world class programming. Nathan sums it up pretty well in the below video:

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