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Triggers That Inspire People To Buy - Part 2 - By Steve Jensen

Triggers That Inspire People To Buy – Part 2

Part 2 of 2

(read Part 1 of Triggers That Inspire People To Buy here)

Be Qualified
You need to prove to people that you are qualified to talk about your product or service. This means demonstrating your extensive experience or that you’ve been there for a while, that you’re passionate about the product/service, and that you truly believe in what it does.

If you have any relevant certifications or awards, then show them to your prospects.

Showing you are adequately qualified or experienced to promote the product or service will ensure credibility and your status as an expert in the area.

Stop Selling!
These days, no one likes to be sold to, so adopt a mindset where you stop trying to sell, and start trying to help.

When you stop trying to convince people to buy and start inspiring them by using the PCQV model, you will make more sales.

Avoid over exaggerating the benefits or being too over the top in your energy or enthusiasm; ideally you will mirror back the body language and level of excitement that the prospect is showing you.

Remember, no one wants to be sold to, but everyone wants to be helped. Be genuinely interested in their wellbeing and caring about offering a solution and they’ll be far more likely to feel inspired to take action.

Be Authentic
You need to be enthusiastic and authentic, not about the sale, but about the solution the person will receive. You should talk with prospects about how they’ll be part of the solution; and focus on the outcomes because they will only ever buy the feeling that is connected to the product/ service, not the product/service itself. So focus on the emotions that will result after they buy into the solution, such as reduced stress levels, greater peace of mind, gaining additional time, or whatever the outcome will be; the key is to focus on that aspect.

Get them excited about the outcome and why they’ll love it, and tell them how happy you will be for them when they experience those outcomes.

Remember, people will buy from people who are passionate, and who genuinely care about them.

Selling is merely a conversation. You just need to make sure you:

  • have expertise and the tools like cheat/teach sheets on-hand
  • know the product/service
  • show them credibility
  • listen to their problem and use a model called ALF (ask, listen, formulate)
  • have role-played and practised your presentations

When all of this is in place, selling will simply be a natural conversation, which ends with a compelling reason to buy. Your role is to listen, show them a solution, prove you are an expert, prescribe them a solution, and then the sale can be assumed.

This process ensures prospects feel inspired to take action, which means you can just relax and genuinely get excited about their pain being alleviated, or their pleasure being created.


There’s a great saying, which is: “If you say it, they doubt it. If they say it, it’s true.” You should always avoid saying, “It’s really important that you…” and instead, teach them what they don’t know and ask them questions such as, “Is what I’ve told you important?” or “Is the timing or way we’re going to do it, important?”. They need to confirm that it is, in fact, important to them. You then need to agree with them by saying “I totally agree. Why do you think it’s important?” or “what would happen if you didn’t have that solution?” because remember, when they tell you, it’s true! And then reconfirm with them again, by saying, “don’t worry, we’re experts in that, so we’ll make sure it happens.”

Remember, you must ask them why it’s so important to them, as this needs to come from them, not you.

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Article written by Steve Jensen for the What’s New in Fitness Summer 2019 Edition.

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