Introducing Tribar – Training Transformed

Tribar are the next generation of free weights…ARM YOURSELF!

The TriBar is designed by a UK chiropractor and keen sports enthusiast.

It’s a revolutionary new free weight that combines the functionality of kettlebells and dumbbells into a single piece of kit. It is design protected and trademarked in major countries worldwide for its unique design as an exercise weight.

Officially endorsed by BWL (British Weigh Lifting), the new Tribar is coming your way Australia.

Tribar can be used for muscle building, core strengthening, flexibility and cardio exercise and are great accessory for any gym, PT or fitness studio.

Choose the right Tribar for you – Tribar comes in 5 weight sets. The TONE Tribar set is made from aluminium to keep the weight low, with all the other sets made from cast iron. Weight range is from 2kg all the way up to 48kg.

Tribar - Training Transformed - Weight Sets

Unique Grip Angle
The Tribars are an equilateral triangle so each bar has the same 60 degree angle to the next. This provides either a double under hand grip or double over hand grip.

TriBar - Ergonomic Functional ShapeErgonomic Functional Shape
The Tribar shape allows it to be used in different ways to other free weights. Allowing for a wider variety of exercises.


Well balanced weight
The weight is spread evenly between the 3 bells so provides a controllable, well balanced weight.


[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Join the Tribarmy
The opportunity is here to join our rising Tribarmy and become a TriBar distributor in Australia. For more infor contact: and mention this article.[/box]

Australian registered design number: 201614562.

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